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Is it possible for sopranos to sing the high voice?


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  • Gyugcac changed the title to Is it possible for sopranos to sing the high voice?

Possible?  Yes.  But you are severely limiting the number of groups who would be able to program your work when you write to the absolute extremes of the range like this.  And it means even if a performance is scheduled, the quality of that performance is always in doubt.  When violinists get sick, they feel miserable, but they show up and play perfectly fine.  When singers get sick, their range shrinks.  They literally cannot get the notes out, no matter how good their training is or what their range is usually like.  It's just what happens when you get a cold.  Your vocal chords tend to get inflamed and they won't move the way they normally do.   And it is possible for someone to do career-ending damage to their voice if they decide to try and sing something like this anyway.  

Most vocal music only goes up to, say, a Bb for the very highest soprano notes, and even that is pretty rare, and you'd only put one or two of those Bb in a single concert.  The vast majority of pieces have sopranos singing Fs and Gs.  

If you really like that particular line you have written, you can rearrange some of the other parts so they don't go so low, and then move the whole piece down a few keys.  

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