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"Silver Concerto" for clarinet, piano and string orchestra

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Music Jotter Score

Music Jotter - My First Piece by chopin

This is one of my recent compositions, created for the 25th artistic anniversary of well known Slovene duo ClariPiano. It is a large scale work, the description of the piece is in the video, so I will spare you from repeating myself. 🙂 I know I have not been active lately but I will certainly come back for some more reviews of your works. Cheers!

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The textures, tonal juxtapositions are marvelous as well as the rhythmic nuances.  It is a soulful work.  My only question, since I am not a clarinetist but an oboist - is the use of the extreme upper register within the work.  I assume it has been performed.  What was the feed back from the clarinetist?

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I listened to this twice, kind of liked it the first time, really liked it quite a lot more the second time once I fully bought into the Slovenian harmonic idiom. This recording sounds like a live human performance, and the changes that were made from the printed score (the octave changes in the clarinet part are the ones I caught) were, I think, improvements. As a badly out-of-practice clarinetist myself, I feel I'd enjoy playing it if I got back in shape to do so, but that high C at bar 130 in the first movement would scare the hell out of me.

And I do wish that the material from bar 99 to 104 of the last movement had made another appearance before the end. That was cool.

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