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Summer Night Walk

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I do like your pieces man, they're beautiful, they're in "easy to read" tonalities, and the melodic motive is played enough to be reminded but not too much to bore me out. I like your development and in this particular case, the accelerando you do sounds cool!

Thank you for sharing this, I think I like this one a little more than the nocturne, though the end felt a little brusque. By the way, I have also listened to your "Summer rain" via soundcloud. I would rate it over this two I've seen here.

Kind regards ^^!

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19 hours ago, olivercomposer said:

Thank you Omicronrg! Can you play these songs on piano? I would like to listen to my compositions with a real piano. 🙂

I am not sure if I'm the right man you should ask this haha. I'm accordionist, and I'm not very sure about my piano skills (possibly there are plenty of people here with proper piano skills). But I can try, why not, just no guarantees :P.

Kind regards!

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   A pleasant piece.


         A lot of potential with the thematic material.

        A criticism would be the uniformity of the texture/accompaniment throughout.  Might there be some way to lighten/create contrast in the thickness of the sound?

    Put the melody in the bass?     It has a music box feel to it.   With all the pros and cons of music boxes...

        A score would be helpful.

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