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Piano #122 and new 124


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Looking for feedback, thanks!

124 is in a new style for me

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Expected the #120 but I'm already here so let's start lol.

The begining was...Kinda funny, made me laugh for some reason, like the piece was mocking something. The rest of it is again pretty simple, readable and fairly enjoyable and you seem to like playing with the stacatiss. this time. Nice.

I don't know for certain but you seem to be using musecore or something like that. If it happens to be musescore, I think the mp is not being noticed in the playback. In case you did listen to that and all of that I said is somehow true and accurate, you can click on both dynamics, press F8 and change them to be applied on just the pentagram instead of the part. If this is not the case don't mind me lol.

I have a question out of curiosity if you don't mind: why do you choose the harpsichord sound?

Kind regards!

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In number 122 you have a crescendo from piano to forte in meas. 3 - 4 which is impossible to play on any Harpsichord I've ever heard of (although there are dual manual Harpsichords that can do terraced dynamics like you have in meas. 1 and 2, changing the dynamic level gradually from one to the other is impossible).  I like how you play around with tonicizing both G minor and Bb major in this one.  Besides modulating between relative majors/minors you could also say modulate between I and iii (or between i and bVI depending on which of the two you consider the tonic).  Other possibilities:  I and IV (or i and iv), or i and V (or I and iv).  There's lots more possibilities!

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