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Music Jotter - Cloud

Music Jotter is only in its "proof of concept" phase and undergoing a complete rewrite. Anyone can upload a midi file and embed in a Young Composers post. The goal of Music Jotter is to offer a good cloud solution that interprets midi files intelligently, and to set the standard back to midi. It aims to become the most flexible music sharing and writing engine on the cloud, in which scores can be altered and shared via one link.

An example of a score with parameters can be shown here:

The attributes of a score are show here:
  • /id/1/ - The id of a score. You need this value to embed scores in a Young Composers forum post.
  • /psize/2000:2000/ - The page size of a score (w x h).
  • /scale/0.75/ - The zoom factor of a score. 1 is the default value.
  • /spacing/5/ - The note spacing of a score where 0 is the default.
  • /pdf/true/ - You can showcase your score with a link to the pdf download.
  • /svg/true/ - Export just the svg notation. Young Composers uses this to embed scores without an iframe.

Why Music Jotter Over Others?

For its flexibility, accessibility, beautiful output, power and api. Music Jotter can offer powerful programming tools to developers, enthusiasts and composers. What this means for you: You can convert your score into a json and SVG notation. If you are a developer or student, you can use this data within your own application. And for non developers or composers, it could have the potential to offer the most accessible, flexible and collaborative environment to share and create scores.

Come see what Music Jotter is all about

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