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Cubase 5 Expression Map Question

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Roy00    12

I am incredibly lost and I was hoping someone can look at the picture I attached and just fill me in and directing me. The operations manual is not helping me and I have searched the internet for tutorials. I am a simple composer and don't know the first thing about

"music production" and didn't know there was a difference until 3 days ago. So far I have learned how to add effects play around with the Equalizers and some other minor stuff but setting up an Expression Map is proving to be a little more difficult.

I know HOW to setup an Expression Map and assign it to a midi track which enables my articulations i'm looking for. But when i play it, it won't play back these articulations and I know it has something to do with the way I fill in the Output Mapping section and the Remote column under Sound Slots as displayed in this picture of the VST Setup. I understand key switching happens when you have a keyboard and particular keys enable different articulations. But i don't have one and i'm simply trying to make it work. Any help is GREATLY appreciated.


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