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Collaborative composing project


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Hello Yc'ers,

I want to start a little inititiave to do a online collaberative composing project. I know it's been done before, but it would be fun anyhow.

The idea is to come together with a few people under a flag and compose one or more pieces together.

We can figure out what works best as we go along, but I think we can start out with a broad idea and all participants can bring in idea's and discuss them. For this to work we will need a 'leader', but we will see about that later on.

I'll just start with an idea:

A piece for violin, cello, (concert) flute and voice in D major. We will discuss the musical style and so on when we have formed a group.

Who wants to join?

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We love collaborative projects. :) But, if they are going to work, they will need proper planning!

I suggest you do this:

1. Find common practice composers here on the site. You can find them by wading through the tags in the music forum.

2. Review their works.

3. After a brief conversation, ask them to join you in this venture. Build a rapport with these people, so they are not strangers. You want to be very familiar with collaborators to make sure they keep up their end of the deal.

4. When/If they come, ask them to do the same (Steps 1-3). And, soon you will have a good family that knows everybody in the group.

This is how you need to do this. People don't really look at this forum. if you want people to join you and be committed so it does not fall apart, you will need to be proactive and find these people.



Competition and Collaboration Forum God.

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