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College Interview Tips Anyone?

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Just be your polite self. Answer everything honestly and don't put on any airs or say things that would make you look impressive, most college administrators and professors can see right through that. Also make sure you have questions to ask, and when given to chance take advantage of it to know more about the school.

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1) Don't seem arrogant.

2) be willing to discuss in detail - favourite composers, least favourite composers, favourite compositions and all of your own compositions.

3) Be open and be ready for criticism or praise - thus being able to discuss yours and others music without seeming single minded.

4) Have an impressive history.

- Had 4 Interviews to study composition and got into 3. I said to be open because in my interview (only one of them) they were really critical about my work asking me why i had done this and this is wrong (i.e the layout) and i notated it incorrectly. They asked me about music i liked and i told them straight up and they asked why (they HATE it if you say "i dont know / "lots" / All Music"). I also had some lessons with some quite high up people and had lessons from a professor in comp. - Which is the most important thing i feel as it shows you are striving already to learn and have been noticed by someone else if not more qualified than the interview panel and it instantly sets you aside from everyone else. Also partake in summer camps - festivals - concerts - Anything that is extra curricular and well known. Also you need good compositions!

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