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String Ensemble Competition - Performance

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I'm not a staff member.



  Menelik : (20 December 2012 - 11:58 PM)If both DV and you can have parallel accounts, why not me?   Menelik : (20 December 2012 - 11:57 PM)Life is full of surprises, Miss slaw.   Ravel's... : (20 December 2012 - 11:57 PM)then again, I noticed a lack of Porkke around these parts   Dominus Vobi... : (20 December 2012 - 11:57 PM)Fairly obvious.   Ravel's... : (20 December 2012 - 11:57 PM)it didn't cross my mind that Menelik would be Justin




lol at how credulous you appear to be!

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Guest Ravel's Hookers
If anybody ever considered a thought why I was not chosen I can easily blame myself. I really entered this competition with a mediocre composition. My bad. ;)

Don't worry, no one was wondering why you didn't win.

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Thank you all for submitting your works via email. I was thinking one other thing though: I think it would be really cool to have some kind of program note about both yourself and your composition so that I can tell the students a little bit about the composer and the story of the piece. I think it would be even more awesome if you wanted to do a video introduction to the piece via youtube or the like - An optional part of course but if you'd like to add it to your piece, I think it would help the students connect with and understand the works better when reading them!

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We read through all pieces this week and the voting was very close but the winner and the piece we will perform is Timmy's Epitaph. I think my students enjoyed its beautiful simplicity and could relate to the idea of losing a loved one. I will say that I thought Sam's piece was really nice as well. The difference may very well have been that it was a more challenging sight read and thus some did not get as good of an idea of what the final product would sound like. I suppose that is the nature of such a contest. Nevertheless all of them were well written and playable so congrats to all.

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Congrats, Timmy!


You might have hesitated to submit your work with the deadline at hand, but it's great that you decided to go forward with it. Your grandfather would be proud of receiving such a homage. :thumbsup:


@benxiwf: be sure to share some kind of recording of this premiere. (Also - just wondering... did you happen to record this week's readings :musicwhistle: ?)...

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Wow! I'm just as happy as surprised for being chosen as the winner! I was honored just to have been selected as a finalist among these other three great pieces.


I am very happy that I managed to convey at least some of the things I was trying to express, all the way from my living room in Stockholm, Sweden, to benxiwf's students in Pennsylvania!


This means a lot to me as it will be my first piece getting performed, at least in this field of music and without me participating. 
I am of course also very interested in a recording of the performance, as well as eventual recordings from the read-trough and upcoming rehearsals! And please forward any feedback from the students. I am very interested in what they have to say about it, regarding everything from the piece as a whole to notation and layout.
Thank you for choosing me!
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Unfortunately, I did not record the read throughs though I am sure they would have been interesting for you to hear as you could hear what went well and what did not with this level ensemble. In an ideal world, we would have been able to rehearse all four pieces for a couple weeks so that the students could really know them. However, with an upcoming performance with Mark Wood it is just not possible. The concert that Epitaph will be performed on will occur on April 29th and will be recorded.

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