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i think there's a translation of fux out of copyright. Also, there are a bunch of texts of some interest if you know german. Wikipedia has some good articles too.


However, I suspect those are more specialized than you need. Shell out for some good books. 'Free' is too dear a price for learning badly.

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I'm copypasting from another site...


*Basic theory for ALL styles (except atonal). Very useful for everybody.



* Rather straightforward treatise:


*Tchaikovsky's treatise. However, he's a bit anal retentive in the last chapters.


* "Long" treatise. I don't know if that's meant to be read completely (Aaag!!), but it may be useful as a reference work.


(among others)




*"Classical" composition in general (considerable harmonic knowledge is required)




*Jazz harmony

Look for stuff at www.scribd.com

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