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Oboe/english Horn Glissandi

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Hi, as I understand glissandi on the oboe and english horn are nearly impossible, but I've also heard that they can be accomplished at least to a semitone by manipulating the embouchure. Is this true? Can it be done in both directions? Would these glissandi be possible on the english horn?



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Embouchure gliss in reeds will be always down, but I'd say maximum 1 semitone, maybe less, you can hear it in Symphonie Fantastique, beginning of last movement, Berlioz wrote a whole 8va gliss, which is never possible, (and he was an Orchestration "Expert" :facepalm: ) but I have always heard it like that, less than a semitone, and if its possible in oboe it must be possible in english horn, but in both it might be possible in some notes and others not, I'd guess very low it won't work



check video at 44:04



Penderecki's Capriccio for Oboe has lot of unusual effects including wider glissandos but I don't have the score, I don't know how did he notate those.


I don't play oboe but in clarinet you can do gliss in notes are not keys but holes, and you slide the finger to open them, but I don't know which notes are in oboe.

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