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Some time ago i found about about live looping and immediately i thought "i have to try it!".


For the people who never heard about it, according to Wikipedia, Live Looping "is the recording and playback of a piece of music in real-time [1] using either dedicated hardware devices, called loopers or phrase samplers, or software running on a computer with an audio interface".

What does that mean? It basically means that even alone you can play multi-instrument (multi-part) songs, for instance recording (live) the bass line, than recording the some piano harmony and then on top of that start singing. When you finish recording a part it starts playing, so you can create "layers" of musical parts that go together.

It lot's of fun!!



Well, i gave it a try and i loved it.

So i even made a little video of me live looping Django Reinhardt's song "Les yeux noirs".

Here it is:



In the video i make the following loops:

- organ harmony

- e-upright bass

- 2 single not guitar "melodies"

- manouche rhythm guitar

and then i play the theme of the song and i improvise a little bit





I would love to know what you think about it.


...and if you like it, you can maybe click the "thumbs up button" for the video!



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I work with some looping approaches, but generally in a free-improv setting.  I've been curious about live-looping with a tempo, and have always worried about the timing....


What's the foot pedal you're using - did you build it yourself?  And what program do you use?  


For me, Audiomulch has been a great interface for my live/electronics experiments without having to get dirty with MAX/MSP.

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