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Partner Composers Competition

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Hello, composers! The site has been kind of weak lately without the exciting competitions, so I plan to make this new one. In this competition, each composer will be paired with another composer, and each will submit a composition(pdf and audio) to the other privately. I recommend something easy and small! Your partner will review the piece(do so nicely, please!) and give feedback. After editing your piece, submit here, and I will decide which composition "team" had the best works, in my opinion. If it is for piano, I might try recording, but likely not.


Work must be between 1-5 minutes. Keeping it short!

Send partner PDF of score and audio. Does not have to be live recording

DUE: Pending, likely in April

Be nice in your feedback.

Have fun!



1) Christian Perrotta--_______

2) _______--_______

3) _______--_______

4) _______--_______

5) _______--_______

I really hope this might be exciting and easy for all. Just wanted something exciting on the forums.

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Hello, composers! The site has been kind of weak lately without the exciting competitions.

for me personally the site has been kind of weak without the exciting learning topics. it would be more exciting having topics like "why is this piece/melody so good?"  or "can you make a variation as good as this original?" , or "where did my melody go wrong?", etc. things that we could learn from.

regarding these competitions, i guess you can also add something like: "make a piece illustrating your first love", or "a piece to make a child smile" or cry lol. "illustrate (musically) a given picture", "replace the music from a given movie scene", "extend or reinterpret the last good song you heard on the radio" or " 'remix' a top 5 Mtv song"..

i'm not ready for these competitions, i still need more learning related discussions.

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Thanks all! I think these are good suggestions.

@Austentite: I think I can do the pairings.

@Frankie: Do you think I should put like reflection questions for the review of your partner's piece? Like, what is your favorite motive? Or what form do you notice?

@Danishali:Good plan! 

@Christian Perrota: Yah! I love that idea! At the end, I can post a topic, maybe in learning, and we could reflect on it! I agree that would be a great prize!

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the learning topics are meant only for interested people. usually beauty is viewed in a holistic fashion. breaking down it's parts is usually done for resolving problems. in the second category of examples (competitions) i didn't mention any analysing, because the composer maybe just wants to have fun, or learns in a non-analytical fashion. so i don't think i would ask someone to explain a piece if he's not into it.

anyways have fun with the competition. just tried to help the forum.

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