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How would you explain this dissonance?

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Hey everyone

I'm a little confused at to what this very simple dissonance is, or it would even considered "acceptable" dissonance in traditional harmony. At first I thought maybe it's pedal point, but then I read that a pedal point tone eventually becomes consonant again before moving away, rather than leaping to a different tone while it's still in its dissonance phase.

So if I start with something simple like this, where there's a passing tone in the bass, and the top voice leaps to a new consonant tone:


And then I decorate the bass tone by arpeggiating through chords, the second of of which creates dissonance with the melody:


Would the top voice, in this case, be considered a pedal tone, even though it doesn't resolve into itself and essentially leaps from a dissonance?

Thanks for your time.

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