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Sam Batchelar

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Three tracks each with slightly different characteristics.



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Motion: Lead in after the intro could have been a little more obvious? You have a riser in there, maybe just make that more direct, instead of ambient. I felt that the intro and first section were just one period too long, but it makes the contrast later pop so benefits in issues, I guess. It's really cool though! Good progression and feel. 
Radial: Neat drum beat at the beginning. I like how this one kept building upon itself instead of a standard harmonic progression at the beginning. Everything felt smooth here. When the main thing returns, slight changes could have been made to differentiate it (even in just the main guitar part), but the form is nice nonetheless. 
Linear: The opening drumbeat here is maybe a bit *too* complex. When the music comes in after it, I tried listening two times and both times I got lost in where it was coming in. Sometimes passing tones interfered with the pedal notes that were used in the softer sections, and didn't resolve how the ear typically wants them too. Not wrong, definitely, but it's definitely more attention grabbing than the laid back-ness of the rest.
These are beautiful! Good job!

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