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¨Blunderfun extreme whoop whoop¨

Lucas Egnér

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Alright went a bit more experimental with this one, it's a bit of a clusterfuck but I'm figuring out some cool new sounds, major inspiration from Sufjan Stevens album The age of ads (the choir in the second part also reminds me of the opening soundtrack in Ghost in the shell by Kenji Kawai)

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Great idea to experiment with different soundscapes. The build-up in the beginning is quite nice. Until about 1:00, the piece seems to be a meditation on a short phrase. Then, it seems to me like the material changes (until one is again reminded of the first minute), but little is done with this contrast. - Either a bit more development or a tack more minimalism could improve the piece so that it doesn’t remind anyone of a background track waiting in vain for the main voices ;-) 


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