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Ascendit Deus


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Hi every one

This is my first post on this forum - it's not always possible (or worth it...) to get one's music performed, so it'd be great to get some feedback on some choral music I've been writing.

This is a recent piece for Ascension Sunday.  If it stands the test of criticism, I might try to perform it with my (amateur) choir.

Curious to hear your ideas and comments!



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Interesting soundfonts you decided to use for playback...
Anyway, it's good. As with any choral runs, you run the risk of it getting a little muddy, but with a good enough choir, it should be fine.
Coming back to a unison in one or more voices at the end of a phrase can feel a little bit incomplete, especially since the rest of the piece has been interested in layered voices, which is nice.
Would definitely add some phrasing, dynamics, articulations, etc. as it's a little blank where it stands.
Each phrase starting in F makes the structure feel a little bit less important than it could especially in period writing, but wasn't a huge deal.
Best wishes.

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Nice work! I like the use of counterpoint, although I feel that some sections could benefit from some more adventurous movement or modulations.

I agree with Monarcheon that using phrases in different key centers could help accentuate the role of the form.

I also think that some dynamic variation could help breathe more life into the overall sound.

Great job overall, it suits its purpose well and I see nothing that would make it unsuitable for an amateur choir. Best of luck in arranging a performance!

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