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This I Tell You

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Again very nice.  I'd like to hear the electric guitar; it's too soft..  As in your other piece, I'd suggest, breaking up the electric piano to more variety, than just 1/4 note chords.  LOVED the ending with tempo slow-down..  You might consider, cutting some sections of different instruments, so the sections are more defined, by instrument change.  

I use 'tracks view mode' and score page in Logic to see, where I have instruments coming in, and exiting. Sometimes, I will even color the different riffs in a track.. The visual data, can be helpful, in helping you vary up arrangement more.  

Don't get the point of the Startrek intro..  but that's just my opinion.. Lately I have been thinking  about the 'psychology' of parts, individual motifs/riffs, and instruments chosen.  For instance in The Beatles 'Norwegian Wood'.. the sitar just totally 'tops' off this song.  

I think your instrumentation choices are very good.  Hope this is helpful

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