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This is going to be a very simplistic post. 

I just found this guy online. I really like his music. It's not necessarily incredibly innovative or new. Its not the most mind blowing thing you will ever hear. However, I really like the mood and atmosphere of his stuff. I like his melodies and chord progressions. It think it is really sophisticated and beautiful. I thought I would share. 

He has been around in the music industry one way or another for a long time now. He is mostly known as the lead conductor of the majority of the live recordings of all the scores that get produced in Hollywood. He does write music though however. Just as a side note, he wrote the music that accompanies the fireworks show at Epcot in Florida. Recently he has been on a solo piano composition kick. He has released two albums that I think are great. The first one was in 2016 and is called "Il Falco Bianco" and the second one was released this month called "Woven". The Woven album is decidedly more minimal and modern then the 2016 album. Il Falco Bianco to me plays through like Debussy's book of preludes ... just different ... Greenaway's book of preludes. 

Just give it a listen. I am sure half of you will like it and the other half with think it is simplistic and not creative enough to be worth it. 

Some highlights of my favorite tracks to check out:







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