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HoYin Cheung

Violin Concerto - Movement I (2019)

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Hi everyone,

This is my first Violin Concerto (Movement I). Unlike usual Violin Concertos, this concerto starts with a slower tempo and more momentum is added as the theme develops. There are 3 main themes in this movement: Lyrical The Wind Opening Theme, Solo Violin Theme and Harp theme in Section H. All the themes join each other at the closing passage.

Being a violinist, I have long dreamt of composing a Violin Concerto under my name. Doubting my composing skills, I didn't have the confidence to even start composing it until I think I have a glimpse of the composing world. Piano Concerto No.1 and Romance prepared me for that.

Anyways, I couldn't believe I have finally done it partially! I am currently drafting the proceeding movements. Hope you like it!

Any comments are appreciated:)





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I searched for frame designs online, made the background of the picture transparent, and inserted it as a picture in Musescore. 

Anyways, I am glad you like the concerto:)

Which part do you like the most or need improvement? Again, I appreciate your comments.

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