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Lo-fi hip hop tracks with classical music samples

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Hey all, I've made these tracks over the years using classical music samples and thought you might like to hear them. See if you recognize any music 😁 

The one track doesn't have any samples, just a thing I made back in college. And I know the bass drum is too quiet on the last track, but  I lost the original file and can't fix it now.

Anyway, here ya go:


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Hey!  These are some cool re-arrangements/re-instrumentations/orchestrations of the original classical tracks!  I only recognize the first one as Scheherazade and the last two were Ravel's "Miroirs"?  Pretty awesome how you managed to keep the beat in 16 bar phrases (at least in the first track I noticed that).  I guess you must have handpicked those samples pretty carefully as not every piece is conducive to this type of treatment (probably because of meter and tempo issues I'm guessing).  Nice job!

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@PaperComposer Thanks! Yeah, fitting the samples squarely into the phrases was a little tricky. It involved a lot of tinkering with the tempo, down to the decimal level of BPM. The dark one titled "Syrinx" is a sample of a Debussy solo piece of the same name. It's a pretty cool little piece. I gather that flute soloists sometimes use it as an encore piece after concertos 

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