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Trois Scènes (Three scenes)

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Trois Scènes - Partition complète.pdf

Hello everyone, this is my first piano piece written, quite in a mod between impressionism and 20th century classical music. Here the piece describes three scenes, the first describing a "white lake", the second then illustrates the reverse of the sky and the sea, and the last showing not really a scene but a story about the stars and a deep evil force down below starting a war, the ending of the war will be left to the listener's interpretation.Trois Scènes (2).midIf possible please give me feedback on the piece! Thx!

P.S. The audio here doesn't really resemble the whole music as it doesn't resemble certain techniques that I want the performer to do, as for example the improvisation etc. Please forgive me as this is computer generated audio lol 

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