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this is an album includes 6 lyric pieces I previously wrote, some of them were readjusted to be more pleasant to the ear, hope you like them, and comment them as many words as possible.

the video: https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV14A411j7om/

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I really appreciate the melancholic mood of the first miniature.  I like the style you worked so hard to hone in this piece.  I think the elaborate figurations are just barely tasteful enough to pass.  I think sometimes you tend to ruin the mood that you create so carefully in the beginning of your pieces by ornamenting the melody too much with needless fluff in the form of overly elaborate figurations but I'm glad you don't do that here.

In the 2nd miniature I think you sometimes use too much pedal during those quintuplet descending accented bass octaves and they blur together and muddy things up - I think you really should release the pedal for those kinds of occasions to give some clarity to the texture.  Although if it were me I wouldn't write those kinds of parts ... but you should do what you want and write in your own individual style.

Thanks for sharing!

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