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Sonata in D minor for Flute and Oboe

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I promise this will be the last of these that I post - the sixth and final of my set of duets for flute and oboe.  Any comments would be greatly appreciated!


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This is unexpectedly chromatic for a presumably Baroque work!  The last movement is very fugue-like but your exposition has an extra entry at the sub-dominant level that's super short before moving on to quite a nice episodic section that cycles through the circle of 5ths leading back to a repeat of the exposition which is unusual in fugues unless it's at the very end.  In short - it's a really fun contrapuntal work that stops short of being a fugue because it doesn't modulate into middle entries that explore the subject in closely related keys.  Of course - you could still have a fugue even with just two voices although it might resemble an invention more which, now that I think about it is a great way to describe this piece.

The chromaticism in the other movements is a little weird at times but you manage to pull it off most of the time.  The momentary 2nds you stack on top of each other in the 2nd movement are nice and canonic imitation in the 1st is also enjoyable.  Thanks for sharing!

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This is a commendable effort. It is good to see others interested in period composition... there seems to be more of an uptake with this on the forum recently. 

My only criticism concerns your use of sequences that, in some places, continue for some time (for instance, the opening of the adagio). Whilst it may be debated that the performers may decide to embellish such sequences (as is and was customary for the period) for the purpose of sharing online through your notation software I would strongly suggest write your own embellishments. Otherwise such passages can be without character. 

What material do you use to study practices of composition for this period? I would very much like to form a sub group here in which we can share experiences and knowledge, rather than operating in isolation most of the time. 

thanks for sharing 

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