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hello everyone, I am back, this is my new piece in Japanese traditional style, hope you like it.

instrument: koto & piano 

koto is a kind of picking string instrument

the video: https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1rA411s71K/

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I really like the interplay between the piano and the koto. It creates a very evocative color. The scale runs around measure 73 leading to that change in tempo at measure 74 was very effective. It changed up the feeling before the music started to drag. The piano work around measure 93 and the section after it where the koto reenters was very effective. I think measure 118 would be fun to see performed live. This piece gives the performer lots of fun material to sink their teeth into. I really enjoyed it. Great job!

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Interesting combination, some parts are really nice.


I'd like 2 mention 2 issues: first, the double trill on the piano part is not possible, only one of the notes can be trilled. The second is, are both instruments using the same temperament? Sometimes the koto seems to use something more akin to just intonation (I'm not completely sure because I'm not used to the timbre at all and the koto seems to make many pitch bends).

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