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It is often impossible for me to predict when a burst of inspiration is coming. Today I've been particularly lucky, as it lasted for the whole day and as such that's what I've been doing in said timespan: composing nonstop. Hence why I've been able to finish today this fugue, from my point of view my best work so far. Please enjoy!

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Hey @Nhloki, I really enjoyed listening to your fugue! It really sounds amazing. The moments where you prolong a dominant harmony for measure after measure are probably my favorite, as I love the tension and excitement it builds up. I was a little let down by the ending; to me, it feels like it should have a very, very strong V-I in the home key. The strong cadence in iv, followed by the very brief V-I sort of felt like a let down. However, I have no doubt that you very consciously composed every note of this, so I am not criticizing at all, just letting you know how it felt to me. Great job!

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