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Moderato for string quartet

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  • 2 months later...
  • I enjoyed the first minute of the composition, it felt emotive and was nicely written. Its a shame that the dynamics is not well heard in the midi, I only imagine how nice it would sound with live performers.
    • On dynamics, you don't need to be so iterative on this. There are many spots where the dynamics can be simplified to better convey your intentions to the performer. the distinction on starting mp or mf, and movement between p to mp is almost meaningless in certain places, but above all, context matters.
  • B section (m23 - 34) felt too short for me. It teased the listener with only a short development, it only made the recapitulation (m42-END) feel more unimpactful. 
  • Consider playing with range more- Generally you never let your ensemble play close together, its usually spanning a huge range. Consider tighter sections to make your spread sections feel bigger. 
    • Something to think about, is that when you have such a huge range simultaneously, this can emulate white noise. Just something to keep in mind.
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