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I'm writing a string sextet. It uses a rather "modern"-ish sound, but it's built around the classical formal scheme with 4 movements. For the finale, I'll be reusing 2 ideas I intended for a piano sonata. At first (when intended for the sonata) I wanted to structure these 2 themes in a traditional 7-part rondo (ABACABA+coda), but that would make it longer than the first movement of the sextet (big no-no!), so I had to come up with something else. Given what I already had, I decided to go for sonata form.


Here's the exposition. Themes 1 and 2 were written months apart, and the first was later rewritten to make it kind of catchier. The beginning of the development quotes the first theme literally, so it's some "mock-rondo" (expectations won't be fulfilled when the theme isn't restated in full and goes somewhere else instead). There are some bits of a potential coda ath the end (made from things discarded from the exposition LOL). My inspiration's dried up again, so I guess I'll have to wait another month (I'll work on other pieces).


Whaddya think?

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