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This is a piece I finished last year but have been tweaking a bit since then.  The idea was to write a prog-rock piece in the form of a Classical symphony - the first movement a sonata-allegro with slow introduction, second movement is a loose set of variations, third movement is a scherzo, and finale is a modified sonata form.  It's all done with synthesized/sampled instruments, which obviously don't sound as good as the real thing, but I'm not altogether unhappy with the way it turned out.  I provide a score transcription as well, even though the piece wasn't really written with real players in mind, so some stuff is undoubtedly difficult or unidiomatic.


Anyway, any comments or criticisms would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks.



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Thank you, Aiwendil!  It's great to have rock in the domain of Post-Classical; def leppard has some great concepts for sound!

RSDM - The Weapon program notes_210528_Harper_1.jpg

RSDM - The Weapon program notes_210528_Harper_2.jpg

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