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Piano Quintet in G

Aditya Hirey

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I have attached first chamber music (Piano Quintet) composition by my son Aditya, any advice or feedback on areas of improvement will be appreciated.

Thank you

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I feel like there are many elements which contribute to a kind of general feeling of being lost musically in this piece.  The most important thing I think is that the main melody should always be brought out (unless the piece you're writing is a contrapuntal showcase like a fugue which thrives on polyphony and independence of multiple voices which this piece doesn't do).  Very often the melody is drowned out by lots of extra (and sometimes much more unnecessary sounding) notes.  Like the almost constant alberti bass you use in this piece doesn't really work well - it makes it sound like a note salad (and also it keeps the piece's forward motion which I think was your intent but there are lots of other ways of doing that).  The melodies are also quite often disconnected from each other and I hear many run-on phrases that keep going on and on and cycling through different harmonies as a kind of default way of just finding a way to keep continuing further and further without much logic.  Towards the end you also introduce 16th notes which kind of come out of nowhere and have no relation to previous material.

On the other hand you do build a nice retransition back to the introductory material that creates a nice crescendo and sounds very dramatic.  Thanks for sharing and keep it up!

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