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Sntax - Brandon Schwab

Brandon S

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Sntax (prnounced syntax) is a piece for 7+ trombones by Brandon Schwab. This work is a collection of 3 distinct movements for an advanced trombone ensemble. These pieces are each modeled after a specific punctuation mark. Movement one is set to represent the feeling of excitement, jubilation, and significance; evoking the exclamation point. It is bright, and fast, with fanfare elements that break through to a serene, but turbulent section that kick starts the dash to the end. The second movement is a slow, delicate, and unsettling passage, much like a question mark, with ambiguous rhythmic and tonal centers that disintegrate as fast as they coalesce. Lastly, the third and final movement is to represent the period. A punctual, loud, and harmonically exploratory ballad that takes us to the end of the piece.

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