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Invention on Two Voices in E major

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So this invention was composed a day and a half ago, on Monday, some hours prior to a severe mental breakdown I had in Chamber Music class at the conservatory I attend because I hadn't taken my antedepressants and assorted medication for two days straight. And it begs the question, why would I have taken such an unnecesary risk over my own mental health? Well, the answer is plain basic sporadic forgetfulness. That's how stupid I actually am (uncomfortable though perhaps necessary detail: the anxiety actually led me to the hospital tied to a binding wheelchair).

Anyways, in the meantime, while I strive for emotional recovery, have this invention as my latest work and possibly the last one for a while, due mostly to exams, stress, and some really rather unbeareable classmates I have had to bear the burden of being with the entire school day for seven months now.

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