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Pieces for String trio n.1_CM

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Hi, in the last months I have been writing a series of short pieces for string trio (2 violin, cello and continuo). Most of them are written in rounded binary form.

I find this is an amazing combination for baroque, galant and early classic style and also for practicing counterpoint and imitation. I hope you enjoy. 

As always, I appreciate your comments.

Pieces for String trio n.1_CM.pdf

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Hi Guillem82. This is a very effective piece! You have some strong and nicely developed motivic ideas, and the counterpoint looks, and sounds convincing to me. Indeed, writing trio sonatas like these are excellent ways to exercise key compositional skills. They're also good for the soul! 😃

One comment I would make is that if you wish to use chromatic chords like an augmented sixth from the outset, then it's good practice to continue in the same style. Enrich your harmony! Or save the aug sixth for a climax near the end.

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