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christmas tune


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Hi! This is a christmas tune. It reminds of  'sankta lucia' or 'santa lucia' song. That is sung in saint lucy's day 13.12.  I have feeling that something is missing in this song. Maybe trying to add second voice resolves what it is. The structure is AB or AABB (AB in the mp3 file).

EDIT: I added pdf file that has AABB structure that is slightly different in the endings of A and B part.

christmas tune pitka.pdf

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The melody really make sense. It almost gives me the impression of Bach's unaccompanied pieces. Almost all notes are resolved beautifully and notes in different registers are treated with precision, that's why it easily flows and doesn't sound awkward. The lack of accompaniment, as @Omicronrg9mentioned, is remedied by the smooth and multi-layered melody. But addning an accompaniment would be even better, even a simple one.

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