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Valse papillon The Piano Version


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Since my string quartet was getting absolutely no where, I decided to work on something different. This waltz uses a theme I've had for a while, and have sort of developed in to this new piece. I was going for something alla Tchaikovsky or Strauss with this waltz, and it was really fun to write!

I'm intending to orchestrate it so some of the stuff here, such as bars 94 to 97 and the harmony of bars 38 to 47 will probably be revised and changed in the orchestral version.


Anyhow, please do enjoy this waltz.


Arjuna (Archie)



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I think your initial material is very tuneful. A few caveats:

1. I feel the static waltz in the left hand is a little bland. I'd like to see more interplay between the hands. Don't be afraid to invert the two... give the harmony to the right and let the left explore the scalar motif into the depths of the instrument. OR you could interplay the scalar material thru both. 

2. Bars 78 - 93, as Henry mentioned, don't quite diverge enough to be exactly contrasting material. I think this is where the first motif in your melody could be very much developed -given you take the scalar material above like I suggested. Venture into some further tonal areas and really push your harmonic a bit -much like the waltz kings did in their works.

That said, I greatly enjoyed watching the process in INCOMPLETE WORKS. Hope to see this work a little more refined.

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Hi Arjuna,

This is lovely. I look forward to hearing your orchestration of it! Your dynamic contrasts gave the piece a lot of interest, and the suspenseful part at bar 49 made me smile.

If I may comment on what harmonic improvements I feel you could make, I would probably change the left hand chord between bars 47 and 48. In the previous phrase ending at 43 and 44, you brought the left hand chord up an octave. Perhaps you could do the same going from 47 to 48, or maybe even have an A minor chord at 48? If you were to change the G to the A below it, you would create an up-down pattern in the chords that would give the music more motion.

And, I agree with @jawoodruff about venturing into more distant keys -- I think it would make this piece even more magical.

Again, this is a very enjoyable work; thank you for sharing!


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