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【Album】Op.5 8 microtonal piano pieces

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this is an album includes 8 microtonal piano pieces I composed previously, sound effects have been adjusted to be more pleasant to the ear, hope you like it!

the video: 【微分音专辑】作品5 八首微分音钢琴音乐的开山之作_哔哩哔哩_bilibili

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added the video
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Hi again Cloud. Glad you made a compilation. If I'm not mistaken, you did publish at least some of these in YC, so perhaps it would be wise to compile all previous posts in this one. Adding the scores (because, if I remember correctly, you did also have sheet music for them) may be worth considering too.

I really declare myself an avid consumer of your posts here. As much as I might get to dislike microtonal pieces here and there, yours always cause the opposite feeling on me. I have repeated this in many occasions, but it is true. In my opinion you make a very clever use of microtonality in a way it does feel like a "natural" extension of the more common tonal model almost all are used to, and this only works in your benefit. You do add some sound effects here and there that also blend very well with the corresponding piece (though perhaps Nº5 is a bit too much.

In short, you know your craft and I enjoy your compositions a lot, specially some moments here and there such as ~3:30 & the section preceding the end in Nº2. Some other moments, motives, or sections are quite, quite memorable, such as the supporting, "skeleton" or main motive of the whole Nº3. Nº4 appears to continue with the very same idea.

A combo of what I said plus more factors such as rich cadenzas, balanced note density on most passages yet quite contrasting sections and a clear and simple structure give your fifth opus the personality and charisma it broadcasts. If I had to be overly nit-picky, I would say that the only "sin" these pieces may have is the extensive use of repeated/percussive notes passages, and that the structural motives are very similar one another, but I would also argue that this is most likely also part of the style of this Op. and thus adding more variations to something that isn't asking for it may not be a wise choice at all.

Finally, I would say that my favourite piece of this set is the Nº3, followed by Nº1, Nº2 & Nº8. Again, thank you for sharing your work!

Kind regards,

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