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Symphonic Suite 0p. 01

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  • Willy Didier changed the title to Symphonic Suite 0p. 01

Hello!  I know this work - I heard it many years ago on midi-contest.com!  LoL - small world huh?  I really enjoy the melodic content and interplay between the piano and the orchestra in this.  I don't remember very well if the descriptive program was the same as this version - I do remember the cars being a part of it but nothing about frogs and insects - maybe you've changed it since then?  I think in many ways this has some similarity to Gershwin but with more classically styled melodies and figurations.  This is a very attractive and melodically unified piece of music with many layers and interrelated motifs throughout.  Thanks for sharing this great piece!  I do wonder why you've made so many cosmetic changes since you first published it - I mean it's not really a symphonic suite but more a piano concerto, no?  The music itself is the same of course, since I think it is perfect the way it is.  Good job!

P.S.:  I think I orchestrated one of your great solo piano pieces - Katrina!  Unfortunately the completed version has been lost and midi-contest.com is no more... 😕 

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