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【Microtonal】Being and Absurdity 15TET+19TET+24TET

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the video: 【微分音钢琴】存在与荒诞:将15平均律、19平均律和24平均律混在一起能达到怎样的效果?_哔哩哔哩_bilibili

this is my new piece aiming at mixing notes in 15TET, 19TET and 24TET into a solo piano

in my score, notes with accidental in baby blue are those in 15TET system, in purplish red are those in 19TET system

hope you like it and give me some suggestions if you like!

15TET noting.jpg

19TET noting.jpg

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I think it’s “Being Absurd” more than “Being and Absurdity”…… Apologies for my inability to appreciate it….. I really cannot enjoy something unplayable in real life……. For me it’s more microtonal playing and “nuancing” of those real great piano pieces…….


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The contrasts between the steady rhythm of the bass and the rather unpredictable ascending, descending scales ( and their variations ) create this tension between the parts ( was going to say hand but since its not rly playable then... ). At 1.10, I though its going to be more normal but no, the absurdity continues...

The ending was more honorable ( w some polonaise rhythms ) and consistent ( the rests and phrasing ), and less dramatic and chaotic than expected, maybe that was the intended joke...?

I have followed you in Billi... and if you don't mind you can check out mine too!

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