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Symphony no.1

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uri Symphony No.1.pdf Please excuse me I don't know sheet music too well. I used Fl studio to compose and Musescore to convert the midi.

I'd like to know how I did for my first attempt at writing a large symphonic work. anything i should have in mind for future compositions?

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If I may be honest, it may be better to divide the audio into separate movements. 42 minutes is quite a chunk to listen to AND come up with meaningful comments. I listened to 5 minutes but had to stop thanks to family demands!

What I've noticed is your very wide-ranging dynamics. You have yet to mark the dynamics in the score. The opening should be pianissimo (if only to warn people not to crank their player volume too high, so when it comes to the fortissimo 2 or 3 minutes in, it doesn't blast them out.

Another point, deep chordal accompaniment between cellos and basses. At any volume let alone p this sounds muddy and blurred. This could be exactly the effect you want in which case please disregard this comment. But from my ears it made it difficult to hear what was going on after the woodwind opening. I noticed the trick to get the low B in the bass in bar 15, the tune otherwise played by the cellos. At pianissimo you may get away with this but bear in mind the timbres of both instruments are different. 

I'll try and listen to more tomorrow but I doubt I'll get 42 minutes for the entire work.


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