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The Forest Of Dreams (reworked for chamber orchestra)

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Have just re-orchestrated this work to send to a chamber orchestra later this year.

I cut around 50% of the material, and got rid of all the exotic instruments I had in my original version.

Also made a new rendition, using MuseScore 4 this time.

N.B. I've noticed MuseScore tends to add lots of portamento lyrico in the strings, even when it's not indicated in the score!

Have attached two pdfs, the first shows the version I'm planning to send to the orchestra, and the second shows all the tweaks I had to make to produce a nice rendition on MS4.

Had to completely exaggerate the dynamics on the woodwind and brass, as the strings were outplaying everything else, and drowning them out (especially the 1st violins).

Also added a lot more hairpins, to avoid the very jarring sudden changes in dynamic that MS4 is prone to.

Plus I added some accents, and blended orchestration (doubling) to bring out key moments.

Now I've done that, will go back to my master version, and duplicate some of the changes (though not the exaggerated dynamics).

Anyway hope you like the rendition, think it's one of my better ones. 

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Have just updated my score for this one.

Removed some glaring errors, and added more expression marks.

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Made another update to this score, to remove yet more schoolboy errors!

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This composition has some lovely harmonies and textures ...  - you have the flutes playing in the same range as the clarinets ... better up an octave (or thirds etc.)- the clarinet may dominate the sound in that register.  The orchestration is sparse- yet creates a mood - is this what you desire?  I yearned for a bit more coverage in the tapestry.  For me there is yet more potential to be found in your piece.



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On 6/7/2024 at 2:58 PM, MJFOBOE said:

The orchestration is sparse- yet creates a mood - is this what you desire? 

Hi Mark.
Many thanks for listening!

I was aiming to make the woodwind section the centre of this work.

The sparse orchestration was designed to create different textures and orchestral colours within the piece. That's why the strings disappear at times.

I imagined myself wandering into a beautiful forest; but as I go deeper, the tree canopy gets thicker, reducing the light. So the atmosphere becomes darker and more menacing.

Then I find my bearings again, and approaching the edge of the forest, the lighter more playful mood returns.

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