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Revision of an old exercise of mine composed on a given subject while experimenting in counterpoint in more than four parts.

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Hi again @Fermata!

Have you outdone our famous @Henry Ng Tsz Kiu with a 6 voice fugue of your own?!  Quite an accomplishment and a joy to hear the complexity and intricacy.  I like your episodes and modulations.  I think besides @Quinn St. Mark's comment above about the addition of dynamics, I think you could also add a ritardando at the end and stay on the ultimate chord for a longer duration to really let the end sink in and let the listener really rejoice in the sound of completion.  Thanks for sharing!

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Hi @Fermata,

As PaperthePetercomPoser mentioned my fugue, I know how hard it is to write for a six part fugue!!! I like your renaissance style here. Your transitions sound really Palestrina like with those smooth stepwise lines. Nice job! I don’t mind the dynamics as the number of voices already determine how loud or the thick the sound is!

And finally as expected, I need to self advertise my 6 part fugue LoL!

Thx for sharing!


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