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Unfinished original cantata - score on description


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Hi again @Cafebabe!

I think what you have here is a great idea.  From a purely musical standpoint (and I'm omitting here any critique of this as a vocal piece of music just treating it as an instrumental since that is my specialty), the piece clings too much to the tonic key.  Although it starts lucidly, with an interesting melody and harmony, it isn't developed lucidly and brought to its full potential.  You seem to be very fond of writing chords in inversions (and the style in which you do this seems to be most closely related to your love of Mozart).  But your harmonic vocabulary seems to not yet be developed to the point to where you can use secondary dominants to temporarily modulate to other keys or use augmented 6th chords to enrich your harmony.  And that's just from the standpoint of the classical era.  I also don't understand some of your chord voicings.  For example, measure 35 beat 3 you have a G minor chord in 2nd inversion, but the Violas are playing a .. C?  Is that a mistake or an attempt at building a quartal chord?  No problem with it if it's the latter, as that is something that I myself have done in classically styled compositions.  But I think you should at least have an F in there to make it clear that it's a quartal sonority all the way from the bass to the soprano voice.  Thanks for sharing this!

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