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the "banner year" in film scoring

Guest QcCowboy

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Guest QcCowboy

I am having some fun listening to a few of my favourite film scores, and realized that that single year brought out a few truly remarkable scores... and that would be the year 2002.

Well, I can't start naming scores from that year without naming teh second LotR score: The Two Towers, however, here's a chance to look at a few of teh other great scores that came out the same year and might be overlooked.

First of all, a composer I have grown extremely fond of in recent years had a TRULY great year that year - James Newton Howard brought us two wonderful scores: Signs and Treasure Planet. Both of these often get the short shrift, maybe because the films themselves didn't do that well. However, this shouldn't detract from the fact that these are both remarkable and gorgeous film scores.

Two of film music's greatest composers brought us fine examples of their mastery as well:

Jerry Goldsmith's The Sum of All Fears. A score that has often been ignored but that contains some of this composer's finest music, as well as a pure stroke of genius in teh scoring of the opening scene, where he contrasts a very militaristic visual with tragic music for solo soprano, chorus and orchestra.


John Williams brought us another under appreciated score in Minority Report. This beautiful score breaks from maestro Williams' usual romantic lushness and brings us some truly intricate minimalist textures and much more adventurous yet still strongly tonal music.

I know that I often say I don't care for Danny Elfman's music, however, his contribution of Spiderman is a wonderful score. It's adventurous, super-hero-esque but never corny or too over the top.

Well, I just wanted to point out a couple of scores that often get overlooked.

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Guest CreationArtist

I like the Minority Report score a lot..definitely under appreciated.

Looking back on this year have there been any decent score that stands out at all?

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