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Orchestration: PART 2 - Brass - Exercises

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Guest QcCowboy


Exercise 1

Write a short chord progression (1-2- measures).

  1. arrange it for 3 trumpets
  2. arrange it for 4 horns
  3. arrange it for 3 trombones and tuba
  4. arrange it for a mixed grouping of brass, chooosing a "feel" for it. Describe HOW you attempted to realize this.

Exercise 2

Write a textured ostinato for brass. This should be no more than a few chords (it can be a static single chord, as in the example given below).

Within the texture, mix different articulations (using dynamics, staccato, held, slurred notes).

Try to have the "effect" move through the different sections of the ensemble in a clear movement.

Here was an example from the previous lesson, including only the horns:


I would like to see you apply this idea to a slightly larger ensemble.

Remember that rests are important in textures as well.

Establish your harmony in a solid fashion before preoccupying yourself with the textural effect.

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