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Heaven and Hell Competition for Orchestra


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Hy! I usually don't listen to musicals but I like West Side Story very much.

I really like John Williams' music and I ususally listen to his pieces. I like Hans Zimmer and Ennio Morricone too. Dont you wanna join this competition anyway?

( if not please dont ask questions like that cause this thread is about a competition if you have any questions about it ask but its not 'What's your favourite musical' topic, got it?)

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My comp. screwed up in the last few weeks so I didnt respond. Sorry.

Yes you can use dissonancies but careful with them cause if it ruins your piece you just wont win.

If you have any questions ask it. I'm here now :D

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Dudes! I really glad that many of you wants to join to harden their composing skills or just to have fun! I'm also glad that many of you found the idea inspiring! I wish all of you GOOD WORK, but remember that YOU HAVE ONLY ONE MONTH!

The contestants till that time, in the order of join:

1. Justin

2. Micah

3. Saxophone

4. Dane

5. Arkwright

6. Henk

7. Inkqdrum

8. Caladluin

9. Fury

10. Hanrahan

11. Gollam

I'm not sure at Enigmus. If you also want to join please sign to me. Thnx

The results will be the followings:

1. First place

2. Second place

3. Third place

+ Plus one honorable mention.


The judges will be me, my friends, my other acquaintances and of course the members from YC.

I will lay the voting rules later when you've all finished and sent your works to me.


Please be accurate to be finish and send your:

1. works (in Mp3 format)

2. score of your works (PDF or Sibelius format preferred)

3. and the few sentece long, short story of what your piece is want to tell us

by Apr, 26, Midnight.

Thanx :D:thumbsup:

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I'm happy that there's a hungarian contestant too. Welcome here. You have one month so hurry with the rest 3 movements.


Errrrr...I think a composing duo wont be fair with the others. Two people can create much more great things together. So no, a comp. duo isn't acceptable.

But if you want to try alone, you're welcome here too.

Cheese Messiah:

It's for fun. You dont have to win to enjoy this contest. So If you want after all give it a try...


Important things:

I expect that people will late with handling their works in, but I dont want to extend the deadline again. It wont be good if we wont have a winner by May (One month for the voting). It wont be good if everyone has to waiting to you to send your work in after a week after the deadline. Two month is enough to compose a 3 minute piece so go on.

One more thing:

Make your score readable and sign every segment accurately. The accents,

the dynamics, legato sign everything. AND SIGN THE MOVEMENTS. Its important to pay attention to appearance.

And one more probably the most important one:

I will warn all of you on Apr, 21 to remember you the deadline and to ask how are you going with the pieces. BUT IF YOU WONT FINISHED AT LEAST THE FIRST THREE MOVEMENTS THAT TIME, I WILL DELETE YOUR NAME FROM THE CONTESTANTS. SO PLEASE DONT LATE WITH THE HANDLING!!!

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I think the topic of the piece is so huge, so that it can't be presented in a 3 minutes long piece :) i have only the beginning of the first movement, but more than 1 minutes now. As I hope, it will be 10-12 minutes long.

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Would it be fine if I don't provide a complete score of some of the movements? or for some parts?

The reason for it is mainly my workflow.... which causes a situation when some of the parts are either memorised or improvised, and as such not written in the actual score... In addition to my having trouble writing some instruments in a score ATM... though I can try to provide a "lead sheet" for those parts.

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Hehe..In fact it's not cause I hadn't posted the finished pieces yet to vote to.

But I will I promise but I was a bit lazy in the last few month. So if you want try it out. It's not over. But you have to hurry.

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