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Solo clarinet competition

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My director wants me to do a solo.

bold= prefer

  • piano and clarinet
  • clarinet
  • bass clarinet
  • bass clarinet and piano

those are acceptable submissions.

  1. 2-3 mins. in length
  2. not easy but not hard
  3. any form.
  4. cl/bcl multiphonics, ok but not too many.

deadline is soon, I need this ASAP. winner will be recognized and awarded a mp3 recording (most likely) and 2 honorable mentions!

Due:May 15th 2009

concert is may 26 :sadtears:

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Like... clarinet... alone? Not accompaniment, at all? That is your preference?

How comfortable is your altissimo on bass clarinet? How about your break navigation? I can play quite agilely up to written A above the staff (I mean the REALLY high one) would you feel comfortable letting me assume you can play anything I can?

Is a pianist easily available? I can write a very simple piano part - so long as the person is comfortable reading sophisticated chords (not quickly)

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Omar - I have an easier clarinet solo piece that I am revising for you - only question - how can you handle fast consecutive leaps of 9th in the top register? meter 6/8 tempo dotted quarter = 72-84.

EDIT - I'd rather you just consider mine a back-up piece (well, that is if you even like it!!!) to whatever you choose. I have written a quite a few pieces for clarinet so I may have a slight advantage over composers who have not written for clarinet.

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