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Filmusik Composer Contest/Showcase


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I wanted to post here about a project we have going on now. Part of the project is showcasing different composers at our Filmusik website and at the live performances in Portland or. We're coming up on the 1 years anniversary of our first production, in this last year we've put on over 10 concerts and commissioned original work from 8 composers. Part of our next project is open to any composer who is interested in writing original music for film. In our performance of Gamera Vs. Guiron this November, we are performing an original soundscape to a Japanese monster movie epic from the sixties. Live voice actors dub the film into english, a team of sound effects artists perform all the noises and an orchestra plays an original soundtrack from the pit. I'm excited to hear what people come up with for this, check it out at Filmusik

Filmusik is a group that creates original collaborative performances to film. In our 2009 project Gamera vs. Guiron a new orchestral score is performed live in the pit for the 1969 Kaiju Film: Gamera tai Daiakaij┼ź Giron (roughly translated as Gamera vs. Devil Monster Guiron).

We figured why let our composers have all the fun. We

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