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Voicemail Greeting Compeition


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Hey fellow YCers!

I need someone to record a voicemail greeting for me WITH one of your compositions!

How it will be judged:

1. Musical Style (does it fit with your tone of voice?)

2. Voice professionalism

It has nothing to do with a new composition, but more of a FEATURE of your piece to be on for a while before my business goes bigger and I can afford a professionally done one.

The greeting must be 1-3 mins in length.

A sample greetng would be:

Use it or change it, doesn't matter to me.

"Thank you for calling the Night Dwellers Paranormal Research Society Headquarters Voicemail. Please Leave your name, email and detailed message and we'll get back to you soon. Thank You. For other contact methods please visit us online at http://www.nightdwellers.org/contact."

Deadline: ASAP!

Send to: OSanchez[at]nightdwellers[dot]org

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