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Have you played them? Difficult or impossible?

Talk about your expierence and understanding.

There no doubt that it has been a milestone in the 20th century's music.

Really, no other works can be such an encylopaedia of instrument playing like that.

And, have heard or seen Berio's Sequenza 14(for computer)?


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For computer?? What's it like? I haven't heard that one, but I have heard his sequenza for female voice. You're right - it is a bit of an encylopaedia. All those extended techniques and odd ways of making sounds with the human voice. It was also performed originally by his wife, I think, which I found amusing.

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Cathy Berberian was indeed the first performer and dedicatee of his Sequenza for solo voice. It's an amazing work, full of wonderful (and amusing) ideas.

His Trombone sequenza makes the player take on a role as a clown, both in the music and in physical movement.

The Sequenza for Bassoon is incredibly difficult, as it requires the performer to employ circular breathing for a very long period of time. This is difficult enough on the Oboe with its smaller stream of air: on the Bassoon it's nearly impossible. Very few players manage this Sequenza successfully. I'd love to have a go, though...

I've heard fragments of his Sequenza for Flute, though I think there's more than one version of that. My memory of those works is somewhat hazy.

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