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Exam Repertoire Opinion


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Hello everyone! I am new to this forum (new as in, this is my first thread here), and I discovered it while searching about fugue theory (and I bumped on a thread with a fugue composition exercise, which I would be very interesting doing when I finish some other things I have to do). Anyway, next year I am having a recital for my school's music course, and as a graduate, in the exams, I will have to compose three pieces (which I will start doing after I read some books suggested in the forums and after I gain some experience on composing), and I also have to perform 20 minutes in front of an audience, and this performance is recorded and sent to be graded.

I'd like your opinion on what pieces I should play. I am not attending courses at an Odeon, so I can't really tell you my level, however, I will tell you which pieces I have selected (and which ones of those I have already learned), and I want you to tell me your opinion on these, and make any suggestions. Thanks a lot! (btw, these exams are next year, in January, so I have plenty of time, if you think the pieces you are about to suggest is long or whatever)

Beethoven's "Tempest" Sonata for piano, first movement (already learned) - around 8 minutes

Debussy's Arabesque No.2 (learning) - around 5 minutes

Bach's Sinfonia (aka Three-Voice invention) in D minor (learning) - around 2 minutes

Schumann's Romance No.2, Op.28 - around 4 minutes

Brahms' Waltz in D minor (op.39) - around 1 and a half minute

Tchaikovsky's "June" from the Seasons (Barcarolle) - about 5-6 minutes

So, all of this makes us around 25 minutes, which is perfect (I need around 20-25 minutes of performance). I already know the Beethoven Sonata almost perfectly (and I find it rather 'medium' concerning difficulty in playing), and I am learning the Debussy and Bach right now, so, if you could, please suggest me to replace other pieces than those.

Thanks a lot! :( ;) :) Take care!

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You do not have enough classical. Beethoven's Tempest Sonata borders being classical and romantic. I really think you should play say...the first mvt. of Haydn's Piano Sonata No. 36 in C sharp minor. Spectacular piece and it will fill the hole of the lack of classical music.

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Guest QcCowboy

if you have a recital to prepare for exams, doesn't your teacher help you decide what to play?

as a teacher myself, I'd say that the repertoire you've chosen has too many short pieces. I would have selected 3 solid pieces from varying repertoires:

an entire Bach suite

a late classical or romantic sonata

one 20th century piece

I don't know, maybe your school has different prerequisites?

if this is examination repertoire, you surely have clear and specific guidelines to follow for choosing your pieces.

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